Exploring Tango Beyond Roles

Las Chicas hosts Brigitta Winkler and invites Las Chicas to participate in an intensive seminar, Exploring Tango Beyond Roles.

Brigitta Winkler is a master teacher who leads tango workshops all over the world, and lives in both Berlin and NYC. She has been a driving force in building the Maui tango community. Her insight, inspiration, precision and pedagogy make her a beloved mentor of many lovely dancers. She's been dancing and teaching full time for over 30 years and is constantly evolving and improving her methods for transmitting the joys of this complex dance.

Because Brigitta loves Las Chicas so much and respects the work we’ve been doing, she would like to include us into the vanguard of new concepts and techniques she is developing with her friends in Europe. She would like to invite all interested Chicas (You!) on an exploration of the world of Tango Beyond Roles. Las Chicas will have first opportunity to register for the workshop. If there is remaining space, we will ask the Chicas *as a group* to recommend other community folks who they think might enjoy working on this new material with our us. (We are NOT asking Chicas to pick partners.)

Brigitta has carefully designed this unique intensive workshop to offer an exciting new pathway into the landscape of co-creation. She will facilitate our exploration of the most common building-blocks of tango from beyond the roles. Her especially invented practices will invite us to use what we already know to expand our perceptions into exciting territories. Her facilitated closer look at the structures and the various techniques of tango will offer us the potential for deeper practical understanding and applications in our dance. Brigitta invites Las Chicas to enjoy the fun of this adventure!

The first wave of registration is now open to all Maui Chicas interested in attending Brigitta’s Tango Beyond Roles. Registration for Las Chicas ends February 10th. After all interested Chicas are accommodated, a second wave of registration will open for other community folks who the Chicas would like to recommend to this group. The idea is to create a cadre of like-minded dancers willing to explore tango out of the box.

Wednesday March 11,
5-6:30pm and 7-8:30pm
Thursday March 12th,
5-6:30pm and 7-8:30pm
Saturday March 14th,
4-6:00pm and 7-9:00pm


Judith’s house in Pukalani

Plan to attend all sessions. It is important to build a cadre of like-minded dancers who are open to exploring new concepts of tango together.

Ask me any questions, tangovicky@yahoo.com or text 541-515-2798. Registration for Las Chicas ends February 10th. Please RSVP your intentions soon!